Impact of Mobility on City and Suburbs Infrastructure Without Oil Future in Australia

A recently published article that reports the impact of oil shortages to mobility in urban and suburban development in Australia:

Oil shortages could turn outer suburbs into slums

AUSTRALIA will be forced to rely on huge quantities of imported oil unless it radically overhauls its transport and urban policies, according to a study by the Planning Institute of Australia.

It warns that without urgent national action the trade deficit will spiral and many outer suburbs will become slums.

The study comprises a series of papers in the latest edition of the journal Australian Planner. One of the authors, Professor Peter Newman of Curtin University, who is also an adviser to the federal government, said the most compelling finding was that ”urban sprawl is finished”. ”If we continue to roll out new land [releases] and suburbs that are car dependent, they will become the slums of the future,” he said.

”There is no question that oil supplies, beyond a certain point, will become increasingly rare that we will have to develop alternatives if we are to enjoy the level of mobility we enjoy now,” he said.

To read more click —> here <--- West, A. (2010, December 28). Oil shortages could turn outer suburbs into slums. Sydney Morning Herald - Business & World News Australia | Retrieved January 23, 2011, from

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