GERRY TIERNEY_510 Collective [sciARC_ANI, WPA2.0, AIAEB Unbuilt, REDCAR_colloquium]
Gerry Tierney’s 30 years of experience in architecture have been focused primarily on housing. This has ranged from market-rate to affordable housing, serving the needs of families, single adults, students, and seniors.

The unique demands created by each of these housing segments has helped develop a flexibility in design as well as an extensive knowledge base that allows for the best of each type to inform and enhance the other. Gerry brings this flexibility and experience to each new project, creating individual housing designs tailored to the specific needs of the client, user and site, and recognizing that there are no “cookie-cutter” solutions to housing.

Projects have included: Treasure Island + Yerba Buena Island Mixed-Use Development, San Francisco, California | Seawall Lot 337: Mixed-use Commercial, Retail + Housing Development, San Francisco, California | Parcel L Housing, Southeast Federal Center, Washington, D.C. | Panama Pacifico Mixed Use, Panama City, Panama | The Sierra, Oakland, CA | Liquid Sugar Lofts, Emeryville, California | Elevation 22 Housing, Emeryville, California | City Limits, Emeryville, California | Zephyr Gate Housing, Oakland, California

DINESH PERERA_format design studio [sciARC_ANI, WPA2.0, REDCAR_colloquium]
With a professional background in architecture and construction, Dinesh defines his design process by incorporating emergent digital fabrication tools with traditional practices in the artist’s studio. A fine arts foundation and continuing education in both architecture and studio glass blowing equip him to realize spacial experiences through analog and digital processes.

BEN FELDMANN_510 Collective [sciARC_ANI, REDCAR_colloquium]
Ben Feldmann is an urban designer and landscape architect who seeks out design solutions that are true to context and enable synergies between built and natural systems. Carrying over ten years of experience, his methodology of design examines issues at varying scales to best approach alternatives that take in consideration for social, economic, physical, and environmental realms.

Therese Tierney is an Assistant Professor of Architecture with a Designated Emphasis in New Media at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. As the co-founding director of URL: Urban Research Lab, her research explores the intersection between emerging technologies and the built environment. She has been a pre-doctoral researcher at the MIT media lab, and a participant in University of California’s Berkeley Center for New Media, directed by Ken Goldberg. Tierney is the author of “Abstract Space: Beneath the Media Surface” (2007) and “Network Practice: New Strategies for Architecture + Design” (2007).

KATIE HANDY_format design studio [sciARC_ANI, WPA2.0, AIAEB Unbuilt, REDCAR_colloquium]
With professional experience in multiple scales of design including architecture, furniture fabrication, graphic and urban design, Katie’s wide range of design skills equip her to produce innovative solutions for the many competitions and publications she is involved with.

As a co-founder of format design studio, she dedicates her time to exploring a fluent connection between digital and analog in both her design process as well as her built work. She aims to create experiences that not only respond to the rapidly changing social and ecological environment, but offer a more synergetic relationship with its surroundings.

TYRONE MARSHALL_510 Collective [sciARC_ANI, REDCAR_colloquium]
Tyrone Marshall has strong interest in advanced computational design and performative strategies in the built environment. He has 8 years experience in architecture and a recent graduate of the California College of the Arts architecture program. Recent printed work is an article entitled, “Hygroscopic Climatic Modulated Boundaries: A Strategy for Differentiated Performance Using a Natural Circulative and Energy Captive Building Envelope in Hot and Moisture Rich Laden Air Environments.” The article explores a theoretical building envelope that enables innovative energy and water production and presents conceptual components that draw water vapor out of the air to deliver new sources of water, generate electrical energy, and lower indoor humidity below the outside air in hot and humid climates.

NED REIFENSTEIN_510 Collective [REDCAR_colloquium]

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